Eileen's book about representations of animal mind and her three co-edited volumes on environmental issues.

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Eileen's environmental and animal studies articles, listed chronologically, can be perused or downloaded.

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Eileen Crist

About Eileen Crist

Eileen received her Bachelor’s from Haverford College in sociology in 1982 and her doctoral degree from Boston University in 1994, also in sociology, with a specialization in life sciences and society.

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Abundant earth

Abundant Earth: Toward an Ecological Civilization
University of Chicago Press; First edition (December 24, 2018)

In Abundant Earth, Eileen Crist not only documents the rising tide of biodiversity loss, but also lays out the drivers of this wholesale destruction and how we can push past them. Looking beyond the familiar litany of causes—a large and growing human population, rising livestock numbers, expanding economies and international trade, and spreading infrastructures and incursions upon wildlands—she asks the key question: if we know human expansionism is to blame for this ecological crisis, why are we not taking the needed steps to halt our expansionism?

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